Why you should visit the Ruhrgebiet for your next event, meeting or trip? 


Because we have:

  • indoor meeting facilities for 10 up to 7,700 people
  • more than 172,000 sqm meeting space, able to fit more than 54,000 people spread out over the entire Rurhgebiet
  • events and incentives in an urban region paired with local flair and an industrial atmosphere
  • huge conference and exhibitions centers (Dortmund, Essen, Bochum) or unique meeting facilities
  • facilities close to the city center with huge space for any kind of needs and events
  • many big cities in a range of less than 100 kilometers
  • an excellent public transportation system
  • easy quick access to other big cities and places in Europe like Netherlands, Hamburg or Frankfurt
  • more than 4,500 hotel rooms in the 4-5 star category
  • hotels located close to the city centers with silent surroundings
  • independent, very unique hotels
  • many international brands and companies based in the Ruhrgebiet
  • a high diversity of people
  • traditional, rural an native gastronomy up to high-class cuisine
  • perfect connections to all international major airports, and several charter flight airports
  • the largest urban area in Germany
  • many great culture and sport events closer together than anywhere else